Our story is simple and to the point, just how HR should be. Collaborating with top-notch employment attorneys, our HR Biz Partners have access to the best resources to successfully keep you up-to-date with the ever-changing laws.

Our goal is to create and implement the best HR practices into your business to give back your peace of mind and time. No one starts a business to be an HR expert or worry about state and federal law, but because they found a passion and took action. HR is our passion and we took action in creating a haven that allows our biz owners to focus on theirs.


  • "In our California markets, the labor and HR compliance concerns are drowning many emerging
    companies. I always refer to bizhaven due to their expertise and ability to quickly identify and mitigate risk areas to our clients. We strive to help our clients sleep better at night from an account perspective and I know bizhaven takes the same care of their clients."
    John Whitfiled
    Moss Adams
  • "Operating a business today comes with a wide variety of
    unique challenges. Having experts to help guide and advise you, allows you to avoid
    the typical pitfalls that could cost you a fortune. Bizhaven has the expertise and experience
    to help you as a business owner navigate those truly challenging elements, allowing you to focus on running your business."
    Sean Staples
    Brand Motive Agency
  • "Anna's HR knowledge and expertise is incomparable."
    Colby & Georgia Sandman
    Muffler Tech
  • "Glen and bizhaven have been a tremendous help. Glen's knowledge, experience and commitment to us has kept my stress level down and helped our business grow.
    Don Brandt
    Brandt Tech
"Business Owners need to shift their way of thinking from "It hasn't 
happened to me yet", to "When it happens, I will be ready.""
Alex Wicks
Co-Founder, bizhaven

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