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Virtual Workshop

Cal/OSHA 10 Hour - Construction

Join Bizhaven for this Cal/OSHA 10 Hour - Construction that will prepare participants to recognize, avoid, and prevent health and safety hazards commonly associated with construction worksites. Doing so enables them to maintain the safety standards required by the state of California.

OSHA 10 - Day 1

OSHA 10 - Day 2

Day 1
Thu, Feb 8 at 8 am - 3:30 pm PST

Day 2
Fri, Feb 9 at 8 am - 3:30 pm PST


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OSHA 10 Hour Class

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Anh Ho
Sr. Safety Trainer @Bizhaven

Anh Ho is a Senior Safety Trainer at Bizhaven. Anh is a graduate from Sacramento State with a bachelor's in health science, occupational health and Safety with a background in the manufacturing and construction industry. He has a wide range of safety knowledge in Cal/OSHA and Fed OSHA. Anh is committed to assisting clients by providing resources, training, and helping to identify and eliminate any safety or health hazards at the work site.