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Anh Ho
Safety Business Partner @Bizhaven

Anh Ho is a Safety Business Partner at Bizhaven. Anh is a graduate from Sacramento State with a bachelors in Health Science Occupational Health and Safety with a background in the manufacturing and construction industry. He has a wide range of safety knowledge in Cal/OSHA and Fed OSHA. Anh is committed to assisting clients by providing resources, training, policy & program development, and helping to identify and eliminate any safety or health hazards at the work site.

Steven Dilbert
Safety Business Partner @Bizhaven

Steven is a Safety Business Partner at Bizhaven, providing safety expertise and compliance guidance to his clients. Steven has a decade of safety experience, having worked in the fields of construction, trucking, nuclear, mining, and oil & gas. He holds a master's degree in Occupational Safety from Eastern Kentucky University and the professional designation of Certified Safety Professional (CSP). He is committed to helping clients achieve and maintain safe and compliant workplaces by being their go-to resource for guidance and leadership. Steven thrives as a presenter and empowering workers to take action in making their workplace safer for everyone.

Justin Nelson
Safety Business Partner @Bizhaven

Justin Nelson is a Safety Business Partner at Bizhaven, extending his 14 years of experience by providing safety expertise and compliance guidance to his clients. Justin is a subject matter expert for both general industry and construction. He has extensive experience in DOT safety compliance and holds a class A commercial driver license. Justin is passionate about influencing and teaching a safe workplace culture by developing custom effective training and policy & program development.

Damian Aguilar
Safety Business Partner @Bizhaven

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