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5 Tips to Minimize Workplace Negativity

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Remember, being proactive is the best way to fend-off workplace negativity to stop if from occurring in the first place.  

There are several ways to keep bad juju from entering the workplace. Here are the top 5 tips to ensure you keep the negativity out: 

  • Opportunity – create an environment that allows people the opportunity to make decisions about and influence their current position or role. Negativity is almost always traced back to a manager or the organization making a decision about a person’s work without their input. A decision that excludes the input of the person doing the work is perceived as negative. Give people the opportunity to grow and develop. Training, developing a career path, affording the employee a promotion, or even lateral moves for development are all signs that a company is committed to providing more opportunity to their staff. 
  • Consistency – Develop and advertise workplace policies and procedures that organize work effectively and apply them consistently. From date of hire, give your employees the benefit of the doubt by treating them as if they are trustworthy and worthy of your respect—because they are. When a few people are violating the norms, don’t punish everyone. Minimizing the number of rules allows for directing to be on auto pilot which gives your employees a sense of autonomy. Staying consistent in treating people as adults usually allows employees to live up to your expectations, and their own expectations
  • Communication – Help people feel included and communicated with—each person wants to have the same information as quickly as everyone else. Provide the context for decisions, and communicate effectively and constantly. You cannot over-communicate if your desire is to reduce negativity and gain the confidence and support from your employees. 
  • Clarity – Provide appropriate leadership and a strategic framework, including mission, vision, values, and goals. If they understand the direction, and their part in making the desired outcomes happen, they can contribute more. People make better decisions for your business when you give them a clear path and the information they need to be successful. 
  • Recognition – Providing a program that allows for rewards and recognition is powerful in creating a positive environment. Your staff want to feel valued especially when given a direct reward because of their own contribution and success to the company.  

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