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Construction: At Risk of Violating California Labor Laws?

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“Dodging labor laws and stealing wages hurts workers and creates unfair conditions for law-abiding employers,” said California Labor Secretary Julie A. Su. “After a hard day’s work, the last thing a construction worker should have to face is a paycheck that bounces. Stealing earned wages from workers’ pockets is illegal in California and this case shows that employers who steal from their workers will end up paying for it in the end.”

The California construction economy has been doing extremely well.  Many companies have more employees and lots of work and that means more and more risk of violating California labor laws.  Why? …because the work has to get done and we don’t have time for breaks or lunch and we might have to pay you a little late.  But as a California employer, you can fall into this trap and as you read the information from the Division of Labor Enforcement below, you will see why.

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