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Employee Handbooks California
Bizhaven offers proactive solutions that keep you up-to-date with both state and federal laws by partnering with highly-trained local HR business partners who do the work for you. Our business partners come on-site or support you virtually, consult, train, and provide you the appropriate tools to effectively run your business and better protect yourself.

When it comes to SOP’s and best practices training is essential but a handbook can be your best friend. At Bizhaven we know this. That’s why we offer customized handbooks with policies and procedures to fit your specific business needs. We know each business is different so we have fully customized the process and will even come on-site to roll it out to your employees or implement it virtually for you. When you implement a handbook you effectively lower the company’s liability while also giving yourself, as the employer, a leg to stand on when and if a claim is ever brought against you. A handbook not only helps in protecting you but also clearly defines and communicates your expectations to your employees so they feel confident in their role at the company.

At Bizhaven, we make it our mission to not only simplify implementing best practices into your business for you but also giving back your peace of mind and time by keeping you continuously updated as new regulations come out both on a state and federal level so your handbook never goes out of date. Partnering with Bizhaven means you’re always one step ahead without having to look over your shoulder allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Just a few of the things we cover in our Handbooks:

What is an Employee Handbook

An employee handbook also is known as a company manual, is a resource for employees with custom policies developed by an hr professional or attorney specific to your company given by the employer. The employee handbook can be used to bring together employment and job-related information to effectively communicate clear expectations and the company’s policies to its employees.

How to create an employee handbook

An employee handbook is a resource for your employees that should be custom developed to reflect your company’s policies. It’s best to have your handbook created by an hr professional who has experience in writing policy and understands the company’s organization and vision or an employment attorney, although that can end up being very costly.

Are employers required to provide an employee handbook?

Though there are many laws requiring employers to notify employees of certain workplace rights and policies, there are actually no federal or state laws specifically requiring an employer to have an employee handbook. However, if you create a handbook, there are policies that must be included.

Is a handbook required in California?

A California employee handbook is not required. Though there are many laws requiring employers to notify employees of certain workplace rights and policy, there are actually no federal or state laws (not even in California) specifically requiring an employer to have an employee handbook. However, if you create a handbook, there are policies that must be included.

How often to update company policies in an employee handbook

Typically, you should be revamping and updating your company handbook annually. However, if you’re operating in CA it’s best to continually update your employee handbook as new regulations are pushed out throughout the year or as your company changes policies so it stays aligned with what’s written in the handbook.

What resources or information should be in an employee handbook

Certain policies are mandatory and must be included in your employee handbook. For example, California employers must have written harassment, discrimination, and retaliation prevention policy. Including these policies clarifies for employees their rights and obligations, and protects you from potential liability.

What to leave out of your employee handbook

Although an employee handbook is a powerful tool for avoiding litigation by clarifying and publishing your policies, it can actually lead to potential lawsuits if not done correctly. Be careful that your handbook does not violate any federal or state laws or override the at-will employment relationship.

A policy focused on measuring employee performance

A handbook is a good tool to communicate the employer’s expectation of the employee when it comes to performance. The handbook’s purpose is to clearly outline objectives for performance expectations and how the performance review process will work with employees.

How to cite an employee handbook

You may not realize the need for formal and comprehensive policies and procedures compiled in an employee handbook until you encounter an unanticipated problem. Do not wait until you find yourself in a lawsuit (especially in CA!). Properly written and communicated policies can help you:

Many small- and medium-sized companies find effective workforce management challenging. If your company does not have the resources or an experienced personnel administrator, you can especially benefit from written policies to use as a resource to successfully communicate to your employees.

How much does an employee handbook cost?

Employee handbooks can cost anywhere from $1,500 all the way up to $5,000 depending on whether you use an hr consultant or employment attorney. However, there are more affordable resources available if you utilize a company like Bizhaven.