HR Services

Bizhaven offers proactive solutions that keeps you up-to-date with both state and federal laws by partnering with highly-trained local HR and safety professionals who do the work for you. Our business partners come on site, consult, train, and provide you the appropriate tools to effectively run your business and better protect yourself.

At Bizhaven we help guide our clients through each step of the employee process, from onboarding to termination. We provide all the materials you will need to successfully bring on new clients, make sure you have the proper training and disciplinary programs in place, and assist in the event of a termination. 

Often times these are processes that seem simple enough from a glance but are actually much more complex than they appear. That’s where we come in. We’ve been there done that and know exactly how to approach these transitions in the most efficient and professional way possible so you can focus on more important things like growing your business. 

Some of the key features we offer with our Onboarding & Termination services:

  • UNLIMITED Consultation & Assessments
  • Onsite Training
  • New-Employee Orientation
  • Employee Management Tools
  • Legally reviewed Handbooks
  • Termination best practices

We don’t leave anything to chance and take a proactive approach to better protect you and lower the business’ liability.

Since federal and state laws generally do not define employee classifications it is often left up to the employer to figure out where they stand. 

Here are just a few of the ways employees can be classified:

  • Full time
  • Part time
  • Employee
  • Independent contractor
  • Exempt
  • Non-Exempt

So you see how this can get confusing. Ensuring our clients are compliant under state and federal regulations is one of the most complex and significant issues for employers that we address and can carry serious legal ramifications if not done properly. With Bizhaven we know how to avoid those problems and make sure our clients are covered.

At Bizhaven we curate training programs that best suit your organization to maximize your employees abilities and the business’ success. Strategically partnering with you, our HR Biz Partners are on site developing and implementing training programs that will help effectively build a positive culture and a more successful, unified operation. 

To list a few of our HR training programs:

For Managers

  • Retaining Top Performers
  • Effective Discipline and Termination
  • Stepping Up to Management – Intro to Management
  • Effectively Managing Employees
  • Hiring Practices
  • Qualities of Leadership
  • Delegation & Accountability
  • Conflict & Collaboration
  • Leading Groups to Solutions
  • Effective Communication

For Employees

  • Customer Service
  • Communication Skills
  • Sexual Harassment Prevention
  • Valuing Diversity in the Workplace
  • Problem Solving & Decision Making
  • Employee Engagement
  • Time Management

To list a few of our safety training programs:

  • OSHA 10 General Industry
  • OSHA 30 General Industry
  • OSHA 10 Construction
  • OSHA 30 Construction
  • CPR
  • Workplace & Safety
  • Fall protection
  • First Aid
  • AED
  • Blood borne pathogens
  • Custom written programs
  • Custom tailgate programs
  • Company specific JSA’s
  • Site inspections / audits
  • Accident/Incident prevention
  • Hazard awareness & identification
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Respiratory protection
  • Hazardous material

We know how important being well informed on best practices can be for you and your employees so we’ve made it simple.

We create customized Injury and Illness Prevention Programs in compliance with Cal OSHA, to prevent injury in the workplace by helping employers identify and address occupational hazards before it’s too late. We strive to create dramatic decreases in workplace injuries and improve workplace culture leading to a more productive and qualified workforce. Many places already require or at the very least encourage employers to implement such programs.

That’s where we step in. We create and implement completely custom programs that are unique and tailored to your business needs to ensure the best protection possible. Preventing not only monetary losses from lawsuits on an employers side but also potential loss from an employee standpoint. Our bespoke solutions offer the best protection for you and your employees. 

A few things we cover in the IIPP:

  • Responsibilities
  • Communication
  • Compliance
  • Hazard Assessment
  • Hazard Correction
  • Accident Investigation
  • Training
  • Record keeping

Our Safety Biz Partners are certified in: 

  • CSHO – Certified Safety & Health Official (General Industry & Construction)
  • SA – Safety Associate (General Industry & Construction)
  • SSH – Specialist in Safety & Health (General Industry & Construction)
  • CHST – Construction Health & Safety Technician
  • STSC – Safety Trained Supervisor Construction
  • HACCP – Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points
  • American Red Cross Instructor/Trainer
  • Forklift/Aerial Boom/Scissor Lift Instructor/Evaluator
  • OSHA 10 & 30 Hour Authorized General Industry Trainer
  • OSHA 10 & 30 Hour Authorized Construction Safety & Health Trainer
  • Cal/OSHA 10 & 30 Hour Authorized General Industry Trainer

When it comes to SOP’s and best practices training is essential but a handbook can be your best friend. At Bizhaven we know this. That’s why we offer customized handbooks with policies and procedures to fit your specific business needs. We know each business is different so we have fully customized the process and will even come on-site to roll it out to your employees.

Just a few of the things we cover in our Employee Handbooks:

  • Mandatory policies & recommended policies applicable to your workforce
  • Comply with complex federal and state regulations
  • Fair and consistent treatment of employees
  • Avoid misunderstandings that could potentially lead to lawsuits
  • Orient new employees
  • Educate supervisors and managers
  • Establish legal protections

We all have a moral responsibility to make sure sexual harassment doesn’t happen. Especially in the workplace. Preventing this is not only imperative for legal reasons but also to prevent stress and under-performance in the work environment. Employees should always feel safe and welcome in the workplace and so we offer a training course for employees at all levels of the company. This can be done in person or virtually depending on a company’s needs. 

We work to ensure:

  • Your employees feel safe at work
  • Employers and employees are properly trained and up to date with the latest sexual harassment laws
  • SOP’s are in place to deal with potential problems as they arise
  • Termination is dealt with professionally and by the books

At Bizhaven we have you covered!

It’s the “Oh Sh*t” moments in HR when we are needed the most, whether it’s a random audit by the Labor Board or OSHA, or a claim by a disgruntled employee. Rest assured, Bizhaven partners with top-notch employment attorneys to ensure they are one step ahead and giving the best and most relevant information so we can assist in taking the right steps in protecting yourself as an employer. What’s the icing on the cake? Our employers get member rates if legal representation is needed.