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Should I Incorporate an Application in My Hiring Process?

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What is the difference between an employment application and a resume?

The main difference employers should be concerned about is an employment application used during the hiring process is a legal document while a resume is not.

An employment application is a legal document for your organization to:

  • Authorize reference and background checks.
  • Ensure the applicant understands your organization is an equal employment opportunity employer.
  • Make certain they understand their employment is at will.
  • Have them attest that the information that they are providing is accurate and truthful.


Employment applications should have a section communicating to the candidate that misrepresentation or omission of facts may result in rejection of their application for the position, or if hired, discipline up to termination. A resume is not a legal document, therefore, putting your organization at a significant disadvantage if you discover false information by the employee.

Additional benefits to implementing an employment application:

  • To collect consistent information in a uniform format.
  • Each candidate is considered for the position based on the same information.
  • The employer can compare credentials without regard to formatting, presentation, and exaggeration.

Bizhaven can review your employment application to ensure it complies with state employment laws.

Additional questions? Contact Bizhaven at (916) 409-7677 or [email protected].

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