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Cal/OSHA 30 Hour - Construction

Join Bizhaven for our upcoming Cal/OSHA 30-Hour Construction course. This course will prepare workers, managers, and employers to recognize, avoid, mitigate, and prevent health and safety hazards commonly encountered on construction worksites. Course topics include:

OSHA 30 - Day 1

OSHA 30 - Day 2

OSHA 30 - Day 3

OSHA 30 - Day 4

Day 1: Tue, May 14 8am-430pm PST

Day 2: Wed May 15 8am-430pm PST

Day 3: Thu May 16 8am-430pm PST

Day 4: Fri May 17 8am-430pm PST


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OSHA 30–Construction May 14,2024 - May 17,2024

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Anh Ho
Sr. Safety Trainer @Bizhaven

Anh Ho is a Senior Safety Trainer at Bizhaven and an OSHA Authorized Trainer. Anh is a graduate from Sacramento State with a bachelor's in health science, occupational health and Safety with a background in the manufacturing and construction industry. He has a wide range of safety knowledge in Cal/OSHA and Fed OSHA. Anh is committed to assisting clients by providing resources, training, and helping to identify and eliminate any safety or health hazards at the work site.