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HRIS (Human Resource Information System) by Bizhaven

HRIS (Human Resource Information System) by Bizhaven

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What is an HRIS?

An HRIS is a Human Resources Information System which is the integration of HR functions and information technology. This software can hold employee information and improve processes internally to benefit the company. An HRIS stores, processes, and manages employee data while also streamlining the HR functions of the company.

What tools does a human resource information system provide that benefit employers and employees?

Bizhaven’s HRIS provides a wide range of features to help in staying organized, encouraging culture, and having an open line of communication from administrators to employees. This includes:

Performance – Assign, track, and view individual and company goals to encourage participation and drive metrics. Schedule regular check-ins or an employee’s annual review to effectively communicate expectations between your leadership team and its employees.

SurveyCreate custom surveys or select from a robust library of templates specific to the administrator’s needs to successfully weigh in on your employee’s thoughts and opinions. The global results of your employee satisfaction is tracked and displayed on the dashboard.

TrainingAssign and track training to an individual employee, department, or entire company specific to your company needs. Select from a library of HR and Safety training to better company morale by making learning easy while also meeting state requirements.

Library – Easily access downloadable HR and Safety forms or fill them out directly within the system.

Leave RequestRequest leave or time-off with identified dates that will notify your supervisor to be approved or rejected.

E-signatures – Save time and paper by signing documents electronically.

In our field, employers struggle to find a platform that can hold and manage all their data in one spot while also being user-friendly for its employees. Bizhaven’s HRIS is specifically designed to centralize all HR data so that you can easily find employee information in one place without the difficulties of complex technology. This eliminates confusing pathways to data, unnecessary binders and folders, and shelves of papers. Additionally, it has a direct emphasis on bettering your company’s culture by creating an easier way to communicate throughout the organization through the use of technology. The HRIS promotes a healthy culture and gets your employees excited about goal setting, performance planning, company surveys, training, and company events and announcements.

Does the HRIS software help with HR management when it comes to hiring and onboarding?

Yes and yes! Bizhaven’s HRIS platform streamlines the employer’s and employee’s experience when it comes to hiring, onboarding, and leave benefits processes for employees. When an employer hires a new employee, the employee will be entered into the Human Resources Information Systems platform. Once the employee is set up in the HRIS, the employer can assign the new hire paperwork to its new employee. The new employee would be notified to complete the new hire paperwork with a step-by-step process. Employers can assign a due date for employees to complete their new hire documents and onboarding in the HRIS. 


Does the HRIS have the capabilities to upload and store my employee’s files?

Bizhaven’s Human Resources Information System has robust capabilities when it comes to housing employee information and data, specifically the employee’s file. Whether that’s their onboarding paperwork, new hire packet, job description, performance reviews, disciplinary forms, signed policy agreements, or a simple fun fact sheet on the employee, it can all be stored within the employee’s profile. If you need to extract data, there’s a feature that allows you to export from the system.

Where can I store my company’s handbook in the HRIS so my employees can have access to our company’s policies?

Employees can access the company’s policies whether that’s a handbook or injury illness prevention program from the dashboard. As company policies are updated, the employees can sign a new policy which is tracked and stored within the system.

Can I track and measure custom goals in the HRIS?

What’s an HRIS without a tool that allows you to measure and track goals. Maximize your human capital by utilizing our goals feature that allows you to customize goals that you can assign to employees and update as you go. Set dates to accomplish certain metrics to give your employees something to strive for. It’s also a performance meter, tracking how the employee is doing and allowing their direct manager to give feedback within the system.

Do HR systems help with employee management and processes?

A human resources information system is a form of human resources software whose sole purpose is to streamline employee management processes. By combining a number of systems and processes like important personal details of an employee which are stored and managed in a secure way allows for accessible and easy management of your employee’s data. By using the system, you can manage admin activities in an easier and quicker way.

Can my employees request leave or time-off within the HRIS?

Employees will have access to a leave request form and the employer has the option to accept or reject the leave with the identified dates. The employee will then be notified of their requested leave status when it’s been completed by the administrator. 

How does Bizhaven’s HRIS compare to other HR software?

Bizhaven’s HRIS is user-friendly, customized to your industry, and manages workflow with accuracy. The HRIS is made simple for employers to reduce stress and create ease with streamlining processes while also opening up clear lines of communication to its employees. HR systems can be overly complicated and Bizhaven’s goal is to provide the essentials while keeping you and your employees organized with a direct focus on maximizing your human capital through a system you feel good using.

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