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With today’s focus on having a strong company culture, little room for error when it comes to compliance, and treating employees fairly, the Human Resources role has become increasingly more important for a business’ success. 

With minimum wage rising and HR being a higher paying role, it’s not always easy for small and medium sized businesses to take on that cost or prioritize filling the HR position. However, it is necessary to have an expert to help in navigating HR-related matters and manage personnel successfully even if you only have just 5 employees in the company. 

In many cases, business owners don’t see hiring a Human Resources person as the best allocation of the business’ resources. However, mistakes can be extremely costly for any size company, especially the smaller ones. For example, higher turnover, penalties and fines, or a bad company culture can all be expensive reasons to reconsider having an expert assist in lowering the business’ liability.   

Outsourcing allows business owners to work with industry-leading HR professionals at an affordable cost while still achieving the same outcome that you would if they were in-house. In fact, it is better.  Why? When you outsource HR, the professionals are your partner and not your employee. Too many times there have been stories of employers being afraid to terminate the Human Resources employee because “they know too much.” Despite their bad habits of showing up to work consistently 10 minutes late and underperforming, employers feel like their hands are tied because the HR person has been exposed to where they might be lacking in compliance. 

Now let’s get down to the fun facts – the money employers save by switching to an outsourcing service is exponential. When you can eliminate the high salaries, benefits, taxes, or even meals at some companies, the outsourcing service will be a fraction of the cost with better results. Not to mention, the HR service has the employers in mind first and the expertise to back them up. 

Don’t wait to reach out, bizhaven can be your partner of choice with the expertise to back it up.  

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