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Travel Incentives and Why They Should be Encouraged!

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Travel incentives are a motivational tool to recognize employees’ achievements by rewarding the employee with a personal travel experience.  If your company hasn’t implemented incentive travel, here are a couple of reasons on how both the employee and the company will both benefit from this experience.

  1. Cost- Although most people associate the word “travel” with money, the truth is there are plenty of local experiences you can send your employees without breaking the bank. For example, a weekend getaway to Los Angeles to enjoy some time on the beach or a weekend away in Washington D.C. to enjoy some museums. 

These experiences can benefit the company by keeping your hard-working employees excited and driven, while also benefiting your employees with a paid weekend away.  This will encourage employees to continue to work hard and drive business, benefiting the company.  This creates a win-win for everyone.

  • Flexibility- Being flexible with your employees about travel is a huge incentive.  Letting your employees pick the destination, pick a person to bring, or when they choose to take this travel incentive can really create a more enjoyable experience for the employee.  Typically, a company will create a group trip including managers and co-workers; this doesn’t entice employees to the same level of letting them control some of the decisions. Being flexible with your employee about the details of their travel can really make a meaningful difference. 
  • Appreciation- After the cost and details of the trip are figured out, it is time to recognize the employee for all the hard work they have accomplished.  This travel incentive will provide the employee with a memorable experience showing that their hard work does not go unnoticed. 
  • Well-Being- Another benefit for the employee/employer is giving your employee this time to relax, relieve stress, and come back to work rejuvenated.  The employee will come back to work feeling happy and will show positivity in the workplace. 

This travel incentive does not only affect the employee who traveled but also encourages the rest of the team to work hard as well. This innovative perk will provide your employees with a special experience, benefiting both parties.

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