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Wages, are you in compliance?

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What is wage theft? Wage theft is an illegal act of withholding wages from employees.

This includes:

  • No pay at all
  • Not paying overtime
  • Minimum wage violations

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) is in place to enforce that employees receive overtime pay for anything over 40 hours worked per week.  A report found by the Economy Policy Institute states that there is approximately $50 Billion is wage theft costs per year.

Here are a few rules to stay compliant with wage theft regulations:

  1. Do not misclassify employees from exempt from overtime
  2. Pay overtime when employees work over 40 hours per week
  3. Pay your employees on time
  4. Enforce meal and rest breaks
  5. Pay all wages due without withholding

Feel free to contact our team if you have any questions about wage laws and regulations.

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