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What is an IIPP and What does it do?

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In California, every employer must provide a healthy and safe workplace.

Referring to Title 8 of the California Code of Regulations (T8CCR) section 3203, it states that every employer is required to develop and implement an effective IIPP. The Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) is a simple written workplace safety program that is meant to protect your employees and your business.


The eight required Injury and Illness Prevention Program elements are:

  1.     Hazard Assessment
  2.     Communication
  3.     Responsibility
  4.     Compliance
  5.     Accident/Exposure Investigation
  6.     Training and Instruction
  7.     Recordkeeping
  8.     Hazard Correction


IIPPs can:

  • Improve safety by providing the structure to formalize a safety program. This in turn reduces injuries and illnesses in the workplace.
  • Reduce costs associated with injuries and illnesses. Implementing an IIPP is far less costly than paying for medical bills and lost productivity. (And this isn’t even counting the cost of turnover from decreased morale in a workplace with too many safety incidents.)
  • Reduce workers’ compensation insurance rates if your claims go down.
  • Enhance employee morale by showing commitment to a safe work environment.

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