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Construction Sites Fined for Not Complying With COVID Guidelines

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As COVID cases have increased, jurisdictions are cracking down on construction sites that aren’t following guidelines relating to coronavirus precautions. Businesses received a 30-day grace period to understand and comply with the new guidelines, but officials have decided now it is time to fine those who do not comply.  Officials have stated that they will shut down construction sites that are not complying with COVID safety guidelines.

People in the community are alerting officials when they spot infringements on construction sites. Officials stated, “Initially our goal is to get voluntary compliance. That is our hope for everyone, In the event things are not implemented, we will move forward and provide a citation to them and take those individuals to court.”

OSHA noted employees at the site need to abide by the 6-feet-minimum social-distancing requirement, handwashing, and other related precautions or they will be fined. The fine will be the maximum penalty for a serious OSHA violation. Repeat violators can face a fine of $134,937 for each violation.

Enforcing these precautions in order to keep our community safe and healthy is a top priority. Bizhaven can assist with creating an Infectious Disease Plan to ensure your company that you are in compliance with COVID guidelines and requirements.

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