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My Employee Is Under The Influence At Work, Now What?


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As an employer, there may be situations that aren’t clearly defined in a guidebook, for
example, how do you handle a situation where an employee is under the influence?

The first step in this situation should be prevention, the employer should implement a policy regarding an alcohol and drug free workplace before this situation even occurs. When this situation arises, it should immediately be brought to management’s attention and be handled right away.

Employers should be aware of the signs (loss of coordination, slurred speech, odor of alcohol or drugs), but never accuse the employee or jump to conclusions. This situation needs to be handled promptly and carefully, this can be done by having management sit down to speak with the employee and observe the signs for themselves.

If management feels that the employee is showing signs of being under the influence, they should have a discrete talk with the employee about the situation. As an employer, it is important that you talk with the employee about their behavior, state your concerns, and document the behaviors/talk.

In order to avoid discrimination claims:
– Employers should be consistent with each and every employee
– Have another member from management in the room when you speak with the
– Document the employee’s behaviors

Don’t hesitate to reach out, Bizhaven is here to help your company create and implement a drug free policy in the workplace.

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