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Driver Safety & Work Zone Safety Tips

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month and is a great time to take a step back and reassess our driving habits to make better choices while on the road. Distracted […]

Introduction to Ladder Safety

Ladder safety is a crucial aspect of ensuring workplace safety and preventing accidents that can result in serious injuries or even fatalities. Whether you are using an extension ladder, a […]

Making Your Company More Adaptable: A Strategic Imperative

Adaptability has become a strategic imperative for companies in today’s dynamic business environment. With continuous disruption and evolving business models, organizations must develop adaptive strategies to thrive. This article explores […]

Monkeypox Prevention and Workplace Safety

In light of the recent declaration of a State of Emergency regarding Monkeypox cases in California, Bizhaven interviewed Joel Hockman, COO and Owner of Pucci’s Pharmacy in Sacramento. Pucci’s Pharmacy […]

Hiring Interns

Hiring Interns

What is an internship, and how does it help my business? Is your business wanting to hire an intern, but you’re not sure you fully understand what an internship is? […]

Outsourcing HR: The Benefits!

Outsourcing HR: The Benefits

What is HR Outsourcing? Which HR services can I outsource? Why would a company outsource its HR? Outsourcing human resources are when a company contracts out projects or services to […]

Employee Retention Tools

Employee Retention Tools

What tools can employers, HR partners, and managers use to optimize employee retention and provide recognition to their employees for their hard work?  In today’s competitive job market, organization leaders […]