Monkeypox Prevention and Workplace Safety

In light of the recent declaration of a State of Emergency regarding Monkeypox cases in California, Bizhaven interviewed Joel Hockman, COO and Owner of Pucci’s Pharmacy in Sacramento. Pucci’s Pharmacy has been supporting the Sacramento community by keeping their patron’s informed and providing vaccines to help prevent the spread of Monkeypox in the community. We […]

Hiring Interns

Hiring Interns

What is an internship, and how does it help my business? Is your business wanting to hire an intern, but you’re not sure you fully understand what an internship is? An internship can be described as a temporary job role that allows an entry-level individual with little experience in their field the opportunity to build […]

Outsourcing HR: The Benefits!

Outsourcing HR: The Benefits

What is HR Outsourcing? Which HR services can I outsource? Why would a company outsource its HR? Outsourcing human resources are when a company contracts out projects or services to a third party who specializes in Human Resources. When a company wants human resource outsourcing (or HRO), they are contracting another company to take on […]

What is an Unlimited PTO Policy and How Does It Work?

What is an Unlimited PTO Policy and How Does It Work

What Is Unlimited PTO? Unlimited PTO or an “Unlimited Vacation policy” typically means that an employee can take as many days off as needed throughout the year, providing their productivity doesn’t suffer and the business needs are still met. With an unlimited PTO policy, employers offer paid time off from one accrual category, rather than […]

Employee Retention Tools

Employee Retention Tools

What tools can employers, HR partners, and managers use to optimize employee retention and provide recognition to their employees for their hard work?  In today’s competitive job market, organization leaders are hard at work developing strategies for how they can retain valuable employees. Though the process may seem daunting, there’s a chance that there are […]

Heat Illness Training Requirements

Heat Illness Training Requirements

Heat illness training is a key component of workplace safety, especially for companies that have staff that works predominantly outdoors. OSHA’s illness prevention campaign requires employers to provide a working environment safe from hazards; including the prevention of illnesses related to high temperatures. What Is Heat Illness? Heat illness is a serious medical condition caused […]

Out-Of-State Employees Working In California – What Employers Need to Know

Out-Of-State Employees Working In California - What Employers Need to Know

How to hire out-of-state employees who are remote? Hiring an out-of-state employee who will be working 100% remotely can be tricky.  However, hiring an out-of-state employee can help you reach a wider talent pool and expand your business presence in other regions. Here are some easy steps on how to hire out-of-state employees who will […]

Total Compensation Statement Tips for Employers: How They Can Be an Asset to Employees

Total Compensation Statement Tips for Employers: How They Can Be an Asset to Your Employee

What is a total compensation statement? A total compensation statement is a document that communicates an employee’s compensation beyond their base salary. This document lists the employees forms of compensation outside of the base salary to show the employee what their total compensation consists of. The compensation statement can provide an employee with transparency of […]

5 Most Common Workplace Accidents And How To Prevent Common Work Injuries

What is the most common workplace accident or injury? One of the most seen injuries on the job is slips, trips, and falls. In fact, more than 25% of all injuries sustained across all industries are caused by slips, trips, and falls. Another common injury in the workplace is vehicle accidents. Employees driving vehicles for […]

Regular Rate Of Pay Calculations

What is Regular Pay Rate?  Regular pay rate is the latest and greatest headache to hit Payroll Managers in the state of California. The regular pay rate of an employee is the basis for calculating their overtime and meal-break penalty compensation. Regular rate of pay will only pertain to a non-exempt employee (an hourly rate […]